Our Mission

Fearless Healing wants every human to know that their bodies and spirits are elastic, regenerating and capable of self-healing.

Our Vision

I believe that any illness or challenge has its cure. You just need to find it, commit to it and activate it.





After a series of illnesses – PCOS, meningitis, a rare liver virus, cancer and being hit by taxi – I learned that every illness has a multitude of cures and remedies, lots of which are not available in hospitals and...
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» Tarot
» Reiki
» Polarity Therapy
» Hypnosis
» Holistic Nutrition
» Herbs

» Psychic Mediumship




While I occasionally make herbal tinctures, oils and infusions for myself, what I do in my practice is recommend combinations of herbs, vitamins and supplements to my patients. I have certificates in Medicinal Oils, Green Medicine and Chinese Herbalism as well as Nutritional Healing. I put together an individualized prescription – vitamins, minerals or herbal teas, oils or tinctures – to help you address your issue as well as navigate the health food store. Having been ill myself, I also have a large network of incredible homeopaths, acupuncturists and naturopaths who I’ve tested on my own body (and my kids) and I often refer people.



Food is love. Eating should bring you pleasure. Having studied Healing with Whole foods, Chinese Medicine, Nutritional Healing and Holistic Nutrition, as well as resolved my meningitis, liver virus, PCO and cancer using diet and supplements, I am convinced your diet can change your life. The right foods and supplements can do more for your energy levels, your libido, your ability to manage stress and your ability to heal yourself than any pills or medicines. I have worked with people with different cancers, with autoimmune diseases and as well as menopause, weight issues, allergies or simple fatigue and watched them bounce joyfully back to life. I am constantly reading, studying and learning more about physiology and diet and following new information and trends to keep my patients up-to-date. I also teach classes in raw food preparation (in the summer), juicing and energizing vegan meals in winter. As Hippocrates says, “Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine.”



Hypnosis is one of the most powerful habit-changing processes you will ever experience. The idea is to activate your conscious and your subconscious mind to make changes in your body or your life.
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A hypnosis session is actually a guided meditation. The patient is fully dressed, lying on a massage table or seated in a comfortable chair and the practitioner leads the patient through a story with physical cues and repetition, designed to activate the physical and subconscious mind. At the end of a session, a patient is given an mp3 to listen to when falling asleep to reinforce the changes.  Hypnosis is extremely effective for stopping smoking, weight-loss and shifting other habitual behavior.



Polarity is one of the best ways to read, heal and integrate your body’s structure. It’s a system of healing developed by an osteopath called Dr. Randolph Stone. Since osteopathy is a study of the structure of the body, the idea is that subtle shifts cause major changes in the way your body processes emotion, trauma and energy. Polarity integrates many other schools of healing, it uses the Ayurvedic principles of energy – thus the “poles” of negative and positive energy – much of the touch and palpitations of massage and intuitive cranio-sacral work and a channeling of Source similar to Reiki or Reconnective Healing. Because it’s such a comprehensive approach to energy work, I’ve seen polarity treatment cause very big transformations in people’s lives. The Registered Polarity Practitioner course is 550 hours of study, along with anatomy, physiology, nutrition and exercise and 150 hours of hands-on work. Dr. Stone was a theosophist who was greatly influenced by Rudolf Steiner and mystic traditions from Sufism to Hinduism. I find that after years of practice, I now successfully do distance healing, often on the phone.


While I have always seen spirits, in the summer of 2018 I took an intensive workshop with Psychic Medium Lisa Williams. I discovered I had the ability to connect with spirits and pass on their messages to their friends and loved ones still on this plane. I do readings that are a combination of insight into your present situation with messages and advice (not that you should always take it!) from your spirit guides and the spirits around you.


My readings usually take one to two hours depending on how quickly I connect with Spirit. I prefer to do them on the phone or by even by text as I find my focus becomes tighter without the visual distractions (and all my years in advertising have left me with the attention span of a flea). As I have been traveling a lot lately, it’s easier to find me by phone than in-person.



Since I learned Reiki from different teachers, I discovered there are differing opinions on what it is and how it works. The simplest way to understand it is to break it apart – Rei and Ki. Rei is Higher Intelligence or Universal Intelligence or even the Divine, if that’s what you believe. Ki is the Japanese word for life energy or Qi as it’s called in Chinese medicine. Depending on the philosophy, it works by helping the energy move through your body or by channeling Source energy. When I work, I tend to combine Reiki with what I’ve learned about Brennan Healing and Reconnective Healing and the results have been very powerful in changing people’s health and speeding the healing process. I don’t know how it works, but somehow, my hands become activated and I am drawn to the person’s injuries or blockages. The patient lies, fully-dressed, on a massage table, face up or face down, depending on the individual issue. Sometimes, my hands are off the body and other times, I do gentle palpitations or simply place my hands in different positions. The patient usually feels warmth or tingling in the areas being addressed and afterwards feels energized or very relaxed. The process usually takes about an hour, but I occasionally do 30-minute mini-sessions if I am working at an event or have a lot of clients waiting.



What I love about tarot is that it tells you what you already know. While it seems like “fortune-telling,” it’s actually just pointing out your trajectory. Like that game shoots-and-ladders or snakes-and-ladders, it’s very simple: You eat too many cookies, you get a stomach ache. You work rather than being lazy, and you get the money to go out and play. Tarot just illuminates your path. I find that it’s easy to see someone else’s patterns and pitfalls, whereas one’s own become opaque. A tarot reading makes things more transparent. It helps you get a sense of where you are going – and what might happen if you keep going that way. It also lets you play a little. What if you did this instead, what might happen next?

I’ve done readings for people where they’ve walked away shaking their heads and saying it was nonsense – and had them email three months’ later to say it all fell into place. But here’s the thing, most of what the tarot tells you is what you knew already, you just weren’t ready to face it. Tarot allows you to do that.