Polarity is one of the best ways to read, heal and integrate your body’s structure. It’s a system of healing developed by an osteopath called Dr. Randolph Stone. Since osteopathy is a study of the structure of the body, the idea is that subtle shifts cause major changes in the way your body processes emotion, trauma and energy. Polarity integrates many other schools of healing, it uses the Ayurvedic principles of energy – thus the “poles” of negative and positive energy – much of the touch and palpitations of massage and intuitive cranio-sacral work and a channeling of Source similar to Reiki or Reconnective Healing. Because it’s such a comprehensive approach to energy work, I’ve seen polarity treatment cause very big transformations in people’s lives. The Registered Polarity Practitioner course is 550 hours of study, along with anatomy, physiology, nutrition and exercise and 150 hours of hands-on work. Dr. Stone was a theosophist who was greatly influenced by Rudolf Steiner and mystic traditions from Sufism to Hinduism. I find that after years of practice, I now successfully do distance healing, often on the phone.