What I love about tarot is that it tells you what you already know. While it seems like “fortune-telling,” it’s actually just pointing out your trajectory. Like that game shoots-and-ladders or snakes-and-ladders, it’s very simple: You eat too many cookies, you get a stomach ache. You work rather than being lazy, and you get the money to go out and play. Tarot just illuminates your path. I find that it’s easy to see someone else’s patterns and pitfalls, whereas one’s own become opaque. A tarot reading makes things more transparent. It helps you get a sense of where you are going – and what might happen if you keep going that way. It also lets you play a little. What if you did this instead, what might happen next?

I’ve done readings for people where they’ve walked away shaking their heads and saying it was nonsense – and had them email three months’ later to say it all fell into place. But here’s the thing, most of what the tarot tells you is what you knew already, you just weren’t ready to face it. Tarot allows you to do that.