Food is love. Eating should bring you pleasure. Having studied Healing with Whole foods, Chinese Medicine, Nutritional Healing and Holistic Nutrition, as well as resolved my meningitis, liver virus, PCO and cancer using diet and supplements, I am convinced your diet can change your life. The right foods and supplements can do more for your energy levels, your libido, your ability to manage stress and your ability to heal yourself than any pills or medicines. I have worked with people with different cancers, with autoimmune diseases and as well as menopause, weight issues, allergies or simple fatigue and watched them bounce joyfully back to life. I am constantly reading, studying and learning more about physiology and diet and following new information and trends to keep my patients up-to-date. I also teach classes in raw food preparation (in the summer), juicing and energizing vegan meals in winter. As Hippocrates says, “Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine.”